We work carefully to rehome a hound, should we see that they do not meet the requirements we want for breeding. That would include personality, health clearances and overall appearance. We have had to rehome several of our hounds so far - we feel that is just isn't fair to them, to keep them in the kennel when they could be enjoying a life of being spoiled by a family in their home. Over the years, we have learned so much and have worked mostly within our own lines, purchasing outside lines on just rarely.


As our pack of hounds goes older, as we do, we will be watching them closely and making those decisions about retirement from our breeding program. We will also begin the search for their final forever home . . be it with us or someone else that can give them that special love for the next several years. If you thought getting a puppy from us was difficult . . be prepared to wow us with how you plan to care of our special family member! We have placed many into wonderful homes, to have them live up to and past 12 years of age . . makes sleep very well at night!

We will be looking for that special home for Allis in the fall as its time for her to retire and enjoy a home . . her info can be found on our website under the female section.