Kuranda vs. Other Cot Style Beds


We have tried many "hammock" style or "raised" style beds over the years and have finally found a brand that we can firmly put our seal of approval on! It is great not only for our puppies, giving them something that feels like a nest to them and gets them up off the floor but also for our foundation dogs and those achy joints that come with age! Every one of our hounds has a raised bed outside and a few now have one inside!

We have also tried the "fleece" cover that even this company sells but dogs like to nest - meaning that they will want to bunch up whatever is on that bed unlike us humans who want the sheets not even wrinkled! We purchase fleece beds for the pups and for the adults, we give them a large bath towel!

We felt it was important since we were going to support this line, that we show you actual pictures from their website - pretty amazing stuff and it is made in the USA!


The Kuranda Bed is the only genuinely chew proof bed available. Kuranda beds are the only beds that tuck the fabric safely inside our specially designed frame hidden from the dogs. The fabric is a thick heavy duty 40oz vinyl or you can chose other fabrics - we went with Cordura as we felt it would work best outside in both the heat and the cold!  The furniture grade poly resin dog bed looks beautiful in any home and comes in almond or walnut plus you can pick your fabric color!  The UV resistant finish on the frame is guaranteed to stand up to the outdoors and repeated cleaning!  Kuranda beds are built to last, even the fasteners are made with stainless steel - this American company has thought of it all - orthopedic, chew proof and guaranteed! 

Kuranda's chew proof rail

Kuranda's patented chew proof rail prevents dogs from chewing the fabric

Other cot style beds

Beds that wrap fabric around the outside of the frame leave loose edges dogs can easily rip off and destroy the bed

Kuranda's heavy duty vinyl can’t be sewn on ordinary sewing machines.

Kuranda offers heavy duty 40 oz vinyl with welded seams

Light duty fabric on other beds

Toe nails can quickly tear woven, lighter duty vinyl fabric
Kuranda beds ready for action

Don't laugh too hard - we have an area in our kennel that looks just like this picture - how did they know??

Here's a stack of homemade beds in the trash that volunteers went through all the trouble to make for a shelter


Warrior Canine Connection Donation

WARRIOR CANINE CONNECTION. . .this touches my heart . . if you mention Partner #23850,  on your order confirmation, Kuranda Beds will donate 5% of your purchase to them! Kuranda has been dedicated to making products for the health and comfort of pets since 1987! Their "Donate a Bed" Programs has enabled Animal Shelters and Rescues all over North America to receive dog & cat beds donated by their supporters!


Support Warrior Canine Connection when you buy a Kuranda Dog Bed! 



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