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Thanks for your interest in our droolin' hounds! We are  very careful to match our puppies with  the best prospective owner based on a variety of attributes. Each puppy has their own personality and potential, therefore, based on temperament, living conditions, family atmosphere and your goals for your dog, we try to make the perfect puppy placement. Our goal is to place puppies in loving homes who will utilize the value of our breeding program.  All pups are evaluated beginning at 3 weeks of age, to best determine which will be better suited for search/rescue work or for a family pet. All information is confidential and used only for us.

With that in mind, we ask of you to complete our Puppy Screening and answer each of the questions truthfully. The questions are not meant to discourage or offend, but will help determine if a bloodhound is right for you and/or your family.  There are some things prospective owners do not think of that may create issues later on down the road.  We do not want to see pups or adults end up in shelters/ rescues or even rehomed!  We invest alot of money, time and love in our our dogs and puppies and do not want to see them moving from home to home or abandoned.  The questionnaire will also give us an idea on where prospective owners will need pointers and tips for training/raising their puppy.   After your questionnaire is completed, you will be contacted and put on our waiting list, depending on your answers. Some owners are looking for working dogs and only want a certain sex while others are looking for certain colors . . . . 

Bloodhounds are not meant for everyone. Please note that bloodhounds are one of the most misunderstood of all breeds. They are very gentle, affectionate and shy, companionable in temperament and very responsive to kindness. However, they are also clumsy and one swing of their tail can clear a coffee table and antiques can easily be destroyed by one stroll through the living room!  They do know know their size and one swing of a hound's head can spread saliva across a 20ft room! They range in size from 75 to 130lbs (averaging about 90-100) and require attention to ear cleaning, eye goobers and large appetites. A bloodhound MUST be worked with - socialized and trained. A bloodhound SHOULD NOT be left in a backyard all the time without interaction. Hounds of this manner usually will entertain themselves by destroying the back yard and finding ways to escape.  They are also known to be very stubborn with a "what's in it for me?" attitude.  Their nose is also a very important factor. Bloodhounds should be entertained with fun games or training involving their nose.  They "see with their nose" and if not trained, they will take off on a trail for something that interests them!  However, a well-trained and loved hound will make the very best pet and most will not ever own another breed once they have one!  Hounds have personalities like no other breed and are sure to provide much love and entertainment.


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