We felt it necessary to include this information on our website, with as crazy as our world has gotten - we work very passionately with our hounds, providing and handling them as if they are our own human grandchildren . . we laugh, we cry and once in awhile we may be upset with something they have done, but they are given the very best of everything. We try to keep our website updated on a regular basis, our goal is that every Sunday evening - we review it and add or delete items, as we want to keep it fresh. We do have a facebook page for the general public, along with one that is "closed" for our puppy owners (this gives them a private place to ask questions of others maybe going through the same stage they are with a pup - its just like raising a child believe me but alittle harder). We want to educate you, the future buyer as much as we can with the limited info we can obtain so that you make a good decision in purchasing your new family member be from us or someone else . . if you are breeding correctly . . there is no money in it, but alot of love!

We have been asked about our "seniors" - that they are not mentioned on the site . . working hand in hand with our vet, we make the determination based on several aspects on whether our hounds should continue in our breeding program or if they should be retired (no matter the age)  . . we look very hard for a good retirement home for them ..  we spay or neuter the hound prior to leaving us and let it go, only if we know it is sound (out of all our hounds that we have ever had on our property, only one has crossed the rainbow bridge due to cancer after retirement and it was several years). We do move them all down to the "Retirement" section of our website and from time to time, we receive updates but it sure is hard on us as we miss them dearly, each had their own personality, adding to our pack of talkers.

Maybe we have listed things not quite right - kinda like the definition of the Bill and Monica issues years ago "something about the definition of what IS IS" - again we are human, it made sense to us at the time but looking back from the outside, maybe it sounded horrible if you didn't know us - if you come across something that offends you, while going through our site, give us the opportunity to explain it or correct, don't go bashing us on social media until you have your facts straight. You may not agree with everything but we all have our own opinions that's why we are in the United States of America and not Russia!

Do we make mistakes . . are we human . . do we make the same ones twice . . lord I hope not, if you have any questions about how we list something on this site or others, take the time to call us and inquire . . let us explain ourselves . . so that you are comfortable. You may agree to disagree with our practices but we sleep very well each and every night (well in all honestly not when we have a litter on the ground, as I am as worried as the real momma).

Between the wonderful mentoring we get from others that have been owned by this wonderful breed, our wonderful vet office staff and vets - this has been and will continue to be the best part of our lives . . we wouldn't trade it for the world!

God Bless Dog Drool!

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