PetKey & Bred with H.E.A.R.T. AKC Program

 We are dedicated to the cause of responsible pet care. As part of our commitment all of our puppies will go home with lifetime lost pet protection, microchip registration, behavior and training education, and toll free behavior consultation helpline powered by PetKey and AKC Registration, Ownership Protection, Health Protection and more powered by the American Kennel Club. These offers would typically cost $482 if purchased directly but all puppies sold by Cyclone Ridge Kennels will come microchipped and these programs will be transferred to you upon adoption of your new puppy.  

What and Why???

PETKEY is dedicated to providing the very best pet services available and Cyclone Ridge Kennels has joined forces with them!  As part of our commitment to your pet, we have included lifetime memberships/special offers to 3 wonderful programs chosen to help keep your puppy safe for life.  The combination of these 3 programs represents the very best protection available.  All of the puppies sold by Cyclone Ridge Kennels will come microchipped and signed up for these programs (a retail value of $268.98 if purchased directly).

If you have purchased one of our puppies and have other pets at home, with another brand of microchip (even if it registered with that company) - you can go to our STORE TAB and purchase this lifetime program for a discounted price.  Should you be a concerned pet owner and want to sign up for these programs, you will also find your option on our STORE TAB.

Powered by helpmefindMYPET™ & DOGstar Training

PetKey Benefits

  • Utilizes the best technologies to help find lost pets and reunite found pets with their families
  • One-time fee!  Lifetime Enrollment!  Similar services include annual fees, costing hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the pet!
  • Starts working the moment a pet goes missing.
  • Integrated pet behavior helpline.  Trained pets are less likely to run away.  Educated pet owners create successful pet households.
  • A portion of all membership fees helps support "One Call, That's All" microchip tracking service.  This is a  free petkey service to all shelters, veterinarians and scanning stations.   Multiple phone calls are no longer necessary to track down the right registry.
Your petkey lifetime services will include:
 helpmefindmypet lost pet alerts
helpmefindMYPET; The North American wide alert system for lost pets. The moment your pet is lost or stolen a poster of your pet is sent to every member, pet shelter, vet and pet business in a 50 mile radius of where the pet was last seen.  All leads are sent directly to the owner.

helpmefindmypet ID Registry
helpmefindMYPET ID REGISTRY; Your pet is protected with the premier ID system in North America. helpmefindMYPET has live operators available 24/7/365. Found pets are reunited with their owners via microchip or ID tag.

DOGstar Training
DOGstar; The number one reason why dogs end up in shelters is because of trainable behavior problems. As a DOGstar member, you can download hours of training videos on subjects ranging from puppy biting to housebreaking as well as tricks and basic obedience exercises. You will also have a certified DOGstar behavior specialist available, toll free, for the life of your dog to assist in training and behavior consultations.

Program Comparison

petkey program vs basic microchip registration

How does it work?

petkey welcome home kit
1. You will receive a confirmation email  and phone call from petkey containing the information necessary to access your pet's account online.  Please login and update your puppy's name and photo. Here you will also have unlimited access to the behavior video library.

2. A Welcome Home Puppy Kit will arrive to your house explaining your pet's petkey services and will include a training DVD and Your Lifetime Recovery Certificate. You can use this kit to keep all of your pet's important information secure and organized. 

3. You are welcome to contact a DOGstar behaviorist for additional support as often as you would like by calling toll free 1-866-9petkey.

4. Should your pet ever go missing, you can report your pet missing via your secure online account or you can contact the petkey emergency support team 24/7 at 866-9petkey. They will collect the details on where your pet was last seen and an alert will be issued to pet professionals in the surrounding area. Your pet's microchip will also be flagged as missing.


Bred With H.E.A.R.T. Program (AKC)