Jabberin’ Jessie ... she is a for sure tough one ... having been bit by a copperhead snake at 10 weeks of age!  It was a rough night and a few days with her little head being so swollen (she could barely hold it up).  We feel she is better for it although we can't say that it has slowed her down any or her nose for curiosity!  She is a full coat black, which makes her look bigger than she is,  she has a full chest and lots of skin and solid muscle.  She can almost keep up with Dovie when they are running.  She is quite a talker  in the kennel but really the watch dog!  She will let you know if anyone is coming from her lookout post!  Ruthie and Jessie are the closest buddies, playing tag around the water sprinkler every chance they get! She loves the pools to cool off in!

Jessie turned 2 years old the end of May and we had her health clearances done.  Unfortunately, when we received them back, she was found to have mild hip and elbow dysplasia.  Since this time, she has been spayed and has turned into a loving pet.  We have found her a forever home with a fenced area!  She really likes it outside except during thunderstorms ... then you will find her hiding inside anything she can get into (under the bed or a closet) ! This hound will be eating out your hand within days if given some love and attention.  She left us on June 26th and is trying her new out her new home to see if it will work for her ... how could it not with 2 loving kids?

Update on Jessie, she is living in Arkansas with her forever family and boy is she is living it up!  She is sleeping in a king size bed and is playing with her two kids and their various other pets.  We could not have found a better place for her to live out her life and we count our blessings everyday for finding them ...  it is very hard to give up one of your babies!  We have posted a picture of Jessie with her new family!  Thanks LaRhea for loving her so much!


Jessie's busy days

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